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Have you read the Digital Factory guidelines and want to submit your innovative project? Applications are always open: fill out the special form with all the information and attachments required to allow us to evaluate your proposal in the best way.

Evaluation process

Preliminary analysis

All proposals collected through the form on the website will be processed and evaluated. Each proposal will be collected in a project sheet. The Digital Factory team will conduct a preliminary analysis to verify the presence of all the necessary information to proceed with a technical evaluation, reserving the right to request additions to the submitted documentation.

Technical evaluation

I3P and CA Auto Bank will conduct a technical evaluation of each proposal collected to identify the maturity level of the company, the potential benefit of the proposed use case compared to other solutions available in the market, the interest of the proposed application scope, and the applicability of the solution within CA Auto Bank

Business case

Applicants who proposed the most interesting use cases will then be contacted directly by the Digital Factory team to build a business case together to present to CA Auto Bank managers.

Collaboration Agreement

Applicants will then have the opportunity to negotiate a collaboration agreement with CA Auto Bank both for the purpose of testing the presented use case and for the eventual negotiation of the proposed solution.m