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Cookie Policy - Information on the use of cookies

This cookie policy describes this website’s use of cookies. The Data Controller of personal data is the person to whom the website indicated in the dedicated information notice is referred.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that websites utilized to store and collect information through the browser. Cookies allow us to guarantee the basic functions for security, network management and site accessibility. Cookies improve usability and performance through various features such as language settings, search results and thus improve your experience.

The “cookie law” (Directive 2009/136/EC) amended article 122 of the Italian Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree 196/2003): the article above mentioned requires visitors’ consent to memorize or collect any information on the computer or any other device connected to the internet. The previous regime, for its part, allowed data to be memorized and collected without the users’s prior consent.

The Italian Data Protection Authority indicated the simplified procedures to inform and obtain a user’s consent on the use of cookies in the provision dated 8 May 2014 – doc. web no. 3118884 (published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic No 126 of 3 June 2014), the indications of which have been integrated and specified by the recent provision dated 10 June 2021 - doc. web n. 9677876 (published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic No 163 of 9 July 2021) to which this information refers to achieve greater transparency with final users.

Furthermore, this information is compliant with European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and takes into account the draft e-Privacy Regulation currently being approved. CA Auto Bank S.p.A. may modify this information to comply with new regulatory requirements on cookies that will be provided for in the aforementioned and it is the user's responsibility to check it on a regular basis.

Types of cookies used by this website

1. Technical cookies

These cookies are fundamental for the proper working of the website and for the use of certain functionalities. Without these cookies, services normally provided by the website may not be accessible, in whole or in part. As they are essential for browsing and using the services requested, it is not necessary to request and provide the user's consent. It is possible to block or remove these cookies by modifying the configuration of your browser options: however, by performing one of these operations, you may not be able to access specific areas of the website or use some of the services offered. This type of cookie does not collect information that can be used for commercial purposes and its duration is limited to that of the session.

These cookies are stored until the end of your visit and will be deleted a few hours after the browser is closed.

Disabling cookies through the browser

If you wish to disable/refuse the use of these cookies, you can at any time change the settings of the browser used taking into consideration the specific instructions provided for:

·       Microsoft Windows Explorer

·       Google Chrome

·       Mozilla Firefox

·       Apple Safari

Please note that by disabling cookies in the browser you might not be able to use all our interactive functionalities.